What is the Super Mario RPG Web Randomizer?

A program that shuffles around a bunch of stuff in Super Mario RPG! Major things like the story progression and actual areas remain the same, but lots of stat and item-related stuff is shuffled around. It's a different experience every time! For the full list of what can be shuffled, see the Help section above.

This program wouldn't have been possible without the work of several people:

Woah cool! Where do I download this?

You don't! This new randomizer is entirely web-based. You simply provide your original ROM to the site, and it does the rest. No downloading required! Click the Generate Randomized Game link to get started!

Sweet! How do I play this thing?

Click the "How To Play" link above to see more details about how to actually play the randomized game! Check out the "Resources" link for more details about the changes to the game!

Awesome! Can I play with others?

Yes! Join the #randomizer channel of our discord at http://discord.smrpgspeedruns.com! If you're interested in speedrunning the vanilla game, check out our community wiki at http://www.smrpgspeedruns.com!